Aaron Hill

Rebirth of The Renaissance Man

Aaron Hill is a multi-talented individual, proficient in music, audio engineering, philosophy, theology, psychology, psychotherapy, mindfulness, meditation, business, and entrepreneurship.

Educated at Berklee School of Music and Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts, he's a piano artist, composer, producer, audio engineer, talk show host, educator, and entrepreneur. Raised by a nurturing mother who prioritized education and self-expression, Hill showed early promise as a poet and hip hop artist, forming successful groups and releasing music in his teens. He later discovered his talent for composing original music and mastered piano with the guidance of mentor Dr. Maurice Johnson. 


In 2007, he founded Fruition Music Inc., filling a void in the backing track industry, with global success that continues today.


Hill's influences span genres from hip hop to jazz, shaping his unique style, showcased in his touring act "Street Serenades," as well as his "Aaron Hill Trio." 


As a Certified Mindfulness & Meditation Teacher, Hill offers workshops and online content to help people alleviate stress and improve their well-being through his 5M Soulful Self Care Formula. 


His music has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Network and praised by Oprah herself. In 2023, Hill co-founded the GHW Creative Brand and Marketing Strategy team, aiming to assist businesses in revitalizing their brand strategies. His overarching goal is to leave a positive legacy by helping others, as reflected in his inspiring quotes and sayings.